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"Introductions" Welcome to  the World's first, safest, most profitable, and now the most reliable Air-Space-Starline company in the world since 1974 while Dr. Haynes company serves as Your Ribbon in the Stars service connection provider. 

         God Bless you one and all

 Dr. Doug Haynes, the father of the manned flying saucer spaceline industry, first black astro/hydro/ saucer-naut, air taxi -spaceline owner and the world's first FAA-AST registered third wave airline company named Blue Ridge Starlines has been in the electronic aviation / airline/ aerospace science media news since 1964 as the first and safest leader of the civilian air/ space transportation industry via his all green two tier passenger / cargo housing Haynes Saucer. 


The Haynes saucer comes equipped with state-of-the art aerodynamic safety enhancing features such as, our secret anti-artificial gravity generating technology, family size, twin parachute aided, safety ejection pods, 100%  go Obama go green gravitices power-plant emission statues, and of-course our patented 360 degree panorama, external bubble window  viewing opportunity aloft. While others try in vain and fail to copy us, we  go on to lead it all just for you.

Over the last 50 years 

Dr. Haynes has built the world's first successful, six environmental  penetrating  

(sub-aquatic, surface, land, air, space and time) manned flying saucer via  three phases, hovercraft, flying car and finally his fully submersible flying saucers.                       

man_made_flying_saucer_1      " Here is how we Grow"

Worlds first successful "Manned"  FAA Reg USO /UFO Flying Saucer 

 1950s  Denver Colorado's  First Pioneering Saucernaut

 1960s  Youngest Aviator (pilot / tech ) in the USA/ World

 1970s   Eastern Colorado FTG Airports first Local Ft Club

 1980s   Eastern Color FTG Airport first Ft School Center

 1990s   Eastern Colo FTG Airports first Airline Company

 1995     Eastern Colo FTG Airport  Gn / Air Taxi Company

 2000s   Eastern Col rFTG Airports Worlds first Spaceport
 2003s   X Prize / Bigilow 1st FAA AST Reg Certifi Saucer

 2010s   East rColo FTG Airports Worlds first  USO UFOs 

 2014s   Eastern C FTG DIA Airports Worlds First Starline 
 2015s   Eastern C FTG Airport Worlds 1st  Flying Saucer 
 2016s   Eastern Color  FTG Airport 1st 3rd Wave Airlines

 2017s   Eastern Co FAA Blue Ridge Nebula  Spaceplane

2018s   East Col Blue Ridge Nebula Express Space Taxi

2019s    Eastern Colorado Spaceport testing ft Operations

2020s    Eastern Colorado Spaceliner booster ft test Op's

2021s    Worlds First,safest,most efficient eVTOL Starliner

   First UFO/USO Gravitics / Ion / M-drive/ Hay-drive  

powerplant  based technology 

ufo_side_viewDr. Haynes flying saucer uses secret all green, light speed ion M-drive power-plant technology to propel his craft past warp speeds with ease. This electo-pneumatic "continuous Hay-drive thrust " , and  ejection power-plant aided, application were the keys to making his FAA-AST registered, certified third wave air/space/starlines  solar systems rotating space city pairing, hub and spoke traversing, route system so safe and effective across the relative confides of the universe.


                                           " Here is how we Roll"

Thanks to God,  Dr. Douglas Edward Haynes became the youngest person to enter the aviation industry back in 1974 that later went on to become the top of his aircraft technician and flight training programs.  While earning over seven certifications / ratings from both the FAA and FCC as a technician, pilot and instructor, 

Dr. Haynes also went on to pursue the acquisition of an undergrad degree in aviation management, three Master Ph, D degrees in the areas of HR 

organizational management, multi-intelligent education, and aeronautical electrical engineering. Eventually he found a way to become the first spaceline company by  designing, building and operating  artificial gravity generating ship that could land on a variety of heavenly body's aloft such as moons, asteroids, or even exoplanets.

 As a result of this superior educational experience Dr. Haynes is now the most formally educated, trained, experience, and qualified aviator in the history of American as well as the most published referenced aeronautical PhD personality in the world, via over five books on the market .

Because of his success in business not only is Dr. Haynes considered the father of the Third Wave  passenger and cargo Airline (space- starlines) industry he also has become the leading expert and founder of the only fully manned and all  electrical plasma M drive powered , USO/UFO "mimicking", Star- Trek    Star-Wars "lookalike" flying saucer  to deep space accessing DEHAS inc booster package configuration.


                                    " Here is how you Know"

                                                     Now You can

                                        Check him  out for yourself  

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                                       Easter Colorado FTG Spaceport

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With all this at hand it's no wonder that we all are jointly invited to follow Blue Ridge Nebula's  Ribbon in the stars bridging network across  the  universe as it leads us toward a safe, efficient  and economical platform for colonizing the new spaces aloft

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